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Online forms for the education industry

Collect data efficiently with online education forms and make students' and teachers' lives easier at school. With customizable educational forms, Getyn Forms helps you embrace the digitization of your institution, and move past unorganized and messy paperwork. Go paperless to save the time and effort you'd spend maintaining physical copies of records, and focus more on value-added work.

Challenges paperwork poses to educational institutions

The modern education sector is rife with complications, such as:

  • Scattered resources
  • Lack of collaboration and interaction between students, faculty, and administration
  • Difficulty maintaining administrative files and paper documents
  • Time consumed to collect student applications and to keep track of associated paperwork.

Online forms for education:
A comprehensive solution

Boost student performance, reduce costs, and streamline processes by bringing your school forms online.

Organize data

Organize data effectively to find prospective students

Gather feedback

Personalize your interactions with students and get their feedback

Store data in cloud

Use secure forms to collect fee payments using multiple payment gateways

Collect payments

Keep meticulous records of registration, admission, and fee payments organized

Integrate with other applications

Send all the data collected instantly to other apps/services with our integrations

Auto-generate PDFs

Auto-generate personalized PDFs like confirmation letters, for each form entry and trigger auto-responder emails.

Build forms. Streamline workflows. Watch your institution thrive!

Forms for students

Enroll students across multiple departments, expedite the admissions process, and keep track of collected data.

Manage workshop, conference, and symposium registrations with ease and send personalized email notifications to participants with invitations created using custom merged documents.

Forms for teachers

Teacher forms help educators collaborate with both students and parents to streamline educational workflows. Build academic forms to keep track of student grades, or obtain parent and student signatures. Export collected data in CSV or PDF format for use in conferences, emails, or as a reference.

Forms for parents

A student's developmental requirements cannot be fully met by education alone; active parental involvement and teacher-parent collaboration are crucial. Gather input from parents, invite them to meetings, and learn about their concerns.

Forms for administration

Online forms can help administrative employees easily manage registrations for conferences, symposiums, workshops, and other events.

Forms for alumni

Feedback from past graduates can help you deliver a real-life advantage to your current students. Advice from an active alumni network can also bring prospective students to your institution.

Choose from our customizable, ready-to-use education form templates

Getyn Forms offers a variety of features to help you build effective, no-code forms for schools and educational institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a form?

    A form is a printed or electronic document used for data collection. A form contains numerous spaces or "fields" in which one can write or enter data. Sharing forms is a user-friendly approach to conducting surveys, collecting information, taking orders, and more.

  • What is an online data collection form?

    An online form is a paperless data collection tool. You can avoid the hassle of paper or printed forms with the help of this eco-friendly alternative. By using an online data collection form, you can significantly reduce the risk of human error during the data collection process and automate multiple workflows. Getyn Forms is a free tool to create online forms.

  • What is a form builder?

    A form builder is an online platform, which is used for form creation. Nowadays, online form builder apps can be accessed through any device, including your mobile phone. Getyn Forms is a software solution and mobile app that can be used to create forms for free. You can make forms for all your data collection needs with the help of the Getyn Forms app.

  • What types of forms can I create?

    Online forms can be customized for different purposes. Getyn Forms offers two formats: Standard and Card forms. Standard forms display a list of fields to be filled in. They can be used for bookings, course applications, online orders, and more. ‌The newly-introduced Card form is a fluid, one field-per-page form model. Card forms are designed to be easy to scan and complete, and may be used for feedback, surveys, and order requests.

  • How can I choose the best online form builder?

    The best form builder for you depends on your list of requirements. Getyn Forms offers you a range of free and paid dynamic features that you can use to build and share forms, automate multiple back-end workflows, and run your business smoothly. Our updated theme builder ensures that your forms are clear and streamlined, without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

  • How do I create online forms using Getyn Forms?

    You can create forms using the Getyn Forms online form builder or with the free Forms mobile app. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to creating streamlined forms without coding here.

  • Is Getyn Forms a free form builder?

    Yes, Getyn Forms offers a free plan that allows you to design, build, and share forms for free online. With the free plan, you can create a variety of forms, like contact forms, surveys, and registration forms. You have access to advanced features, like skip logic and rules, and integrations with other Getyn applications or third-party services. The plan supports a range of payment integrations, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. While there are limitations on form submissions and storage, the free plan is a great starting point for creating and managing basic forms at no cost—and it's much more cost effective than any other online form builder. You can also create forms using our free mobile forms app.

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